Sonoma Valley Museum of Art

Branding+Web Design

Visitors to SVMA’s new site are invited to redefine art, talent, imagination... As part of the museum’s rebrand we developed a homepage interaction that underlines SVMA’s focus on redefining contemporary art as open, inclusive, and a means to build community.

The site’s homepage allows users to submit their responses directly to the museum, further promoting the organization’s mission of community engagement. Scrolling further into the site reveals a dynamic identity whose colors gradually shift through a bespoke gradient.

Within the new visual identity, the repeating angle-form, exuberant color palette, and contemporary typeface all function to telegraph SVMA's new direction and energy. The larger rebrand repositions the museum as a dynamic and aware hub of creative and social activity.

You can view the site here.

Thank you to MendeDesign!

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