Motion to Still

Animation + Web Design

This series of letters was created using pushpins and rubber bands. The pushpins were arranged on a blank wall in the shape of the letterform. Then, groups of four rubber bands tied together were hung on various pins. The rubber bands were then stretched in various ways until the final letterform was constructed.

Each transition was photographed and documented as single frame. The photographs were then placed into After Effects, animated as stop motion compositions, exported as GIFs, and uploaded to a website with other classmates.

The objective of the website was to show each of our letterforms both still and in motion, separate and interacting. Our site begins with a grid with randomly generated letters. There is a small navigation at the bottom to reload the page or view each of our letters separately.

I coded the website using Sublime Text 2 and it can be viewed here.

With Kyoka Wu, Laluna Chabbani, and Lynn Yinxing Tian.