ELS Architecture

Branding+Web Design

For their 50th anniversary, ELS Architecture wanted to completely change the way people viewed the firm, simultaneously presenting themselves as a historical pillar of the Berkeley community while also looking ahead to the next 50 years. This was a large branding effort that included a brand new identity, website, and various print collateral including letterhead, portfolio folders, and business cards.

The new website showcases the vast amount of flagship projects, while also presenting new ideas about the future of architecture and public spaces. You can learn more about each individual member of the ELS staff, from the CEO to the Front Desk Receptionist.

We concentrated on presenting ELS as a thoughtful, forward-thinking firm with a focus on enriching the community and integrating sustainable design practices. The dynamic identity reflects this with a base mark of “els” and an ever changing suffix, showing the diversity and many focuses of the firm.

You can view the site here.

Thank you to MendeDesign!

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