Branding+Animation+System Design

On the surface, cosplay is an activity where participants dress up as characters from pop culture, sometimes seen by others as “Halloween...but all year round”. At its core, it’s about feeling a deep connection and being part of an inclusive community.

True cosplayers don’t randomly pick a character they think looks cool. They feel a personal connection to them, whether it’s their origin story, their motivation, or their personality. I focused on normalizing cosplay, showing that it’s not some odd hobby and people of all different background are part of it. Each part of the project showcases a different part of cosplay: the relationship between human and character, the community outreach, or the diversity of the cosplay community.

This branding project included a R&D, identity development, clothing design, animation, and potential outreach opportunities.

Thank you to all of the cosplayers at the San Francisco Comic Con and the 501st Legion for their help!

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