Björk: This Is How
I'm Feeling

Exhibition Design

This exhibition is inspired by Post, the classic 1995 album by Björk. The artist herself explained that this album was inspired by a big change in her life: moving to London from her home country of Iceland. In Björk's eyes, Post was essentially a collection of letters that she wished to mail back home to friends and loved ones

This exhibition takes this idea and flips it around: the audience can walk into the space and take one of the many envelopes off of the wall. Inside the envelope is a postcard that can then be taken to one of the listening stations where you can write a letter to Björk. If the listener needs guidance, they can answer the question “Where does this music take you?” Afterwards, they can sign and seal the card and drop it inside the station. At the end of the exhibition, all of the letters would be mailed to Björk herself.

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