Bjork: This is How I'm Feeling

Exhibition + Experience Design

This was a project for an installation/exhibition design class. Each person was given a classic album and asked to create an experiential exhibition that gave the audience more insight into the chosen album; in my case, Björk’s 1995 album, Post.

The most interesting fact I learned was that according to Björk, Post was inspired by her move from Iceland to London. In her eyes, the album was essentially a collection of letters sent back home to friends and loved ones.

This exhibition takes this idea and flips it: the audience is able to walk into the room and take one of the envelopes off of the wall. Inside is a postcard that can be taken to one of the listening stations. Once there, they can listen to the album and respond to the question, “Where does this music take you?” Afterwards, they can place the envelope inside of the listening station table. Once the exhibition is complete, the letters would be mailed to Björk herself.