Motion To Still

Stop-Motion Animation

For this stop-motion animation, I spent over 11 hours on a Thursday afternoon building letterforms out of pushpins and rubber bands. Each frame was photographed individually, starting with a fully formed letter and then slowly deconstructed until nothing but push pins were left. This process was repeated for each individual letter.

Once I had all of the photos, I removed the background in Photoshop and then transferred the files to after effects. The photos were animated as stop-motion compositions, exported as GIFs, and uploaded to a group website to display the different forms. The objective of the site was to show each person’s letterforms both still and in motion, separate from each other and as a collage.

I coded the final site using Sublime Text; you can view each person’s letters here.

Thanks to Kyoka Wu, Laluna Chabbani, and Lynn Yinxing Tian!

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